Rave Reviews

I could not be happier with the work Dr. Bartlett and his staff has done for me! It’s a good feeling to smile for the first time and not be embarrassed of having crooked teeth. It was a simple and painless procedure. I really should have done this years ago.  
Ryan Kelley


We did not hesitate after the friendly staff at Dr. Bartlett’s office suggested we take advantage of the oral cancer screening.  We had knowledge of this type of cancer as a couple to years ago a friend of the family passed away as a result of oral cancer that went undetected until it was too late. This individual was a very successful vibrant athlete but neither his physical strength nor his access to the best medical facilities throughout the country was enough to save him.
The screening process was fast and painless. As we continue to hear, early detection is critical with any disease or ailment. Speaking from experience as someone who understands the importance of early detection, I had a small skin cancer removed two years ago as a result of frequent and regular skin screening because I am considered a high risk for skin cancer. I recommend to anyone at any age to take the moment necessary to have this potentially lifesaving procedure. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!        
Ken & Tyra Horton 


I have been a long time patient of Dr. Bartlett.  He is without question the most competent and thorough dentist I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with (I am 62 years old). His staff is exceptional in every aspect of the performance of their duties and appreciate their friendly approach to patients.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental work from examination to x-rays to cleaning and whatever dental procedures I might require.      
Michael Garber


Dream Smile Center is just what it says it is, a “Dream Smile Center”, in more than one way.  Not only does Dr. Bartlett and his staff provide the professional services, care and advice to give its patients the “dream smile” that they are looking for, but they have created a comfortable, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere for the patient.  This combination of premium expertise and ambiance has been a big factor in encouraging me to take my oral care and maintenance seriously.  
Ralph Doering


I want to thank you and your staff for the very thorough cleaning and examination of my teeth and gums.  I especially appreciate cancer screening and whitening for life programs your office offers. Be assured you have a “client for life” and I look forward to my next cleaning and examination in six months! 
Robert Field


I have always had GREAT experiences with Dr. Bartlett, Gloria and the entire staff.  I travel 72 miles for each appointment. That in itself tells a story of my total satisfaction with Dr. Bartlett’s office. 
Anthony Gizzi


If there was ever a “First Class” dental experience it would be here at Dr. Bartlett’s office.  The staff was incredible.  The doctor was thorough and the new high tech office was very impressive and calming at the same time.  
The “Dental Chicken” James Adams


Dr. Bartlett and his entire staff have always exceeded my expectations.  I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bartlett’s for over eight years and have always been extremely satisfied with the care I’ve received from regular dental cleanings to extensive procedures.
Ken McLean


The staff you have chosen reflect all of the great qualities of a 5 star resort! It is always a pleasure to laugh and enjoy a relaxed, professional environment. 
Margaret O’Brian


When I first came here two years ago I dealt with the most friendly and caring staff. Dr. Bartlett and his staff have made me feel comfortable with knowing that they care, along with the great staff comes the gorgeous and warming office. Great Job! I love the new office! 
Michele Maxellon


I am 55 years old and have had too many cavities but I have NEVER had one filled so nicely.  Absolutely no pain and no discomfort. It was amazing and a pleasure to have this very deep and problematic cavity filled.  Thank you Dr. Bartlett!     
Dawn Janosik


My wife’s mother works for a dentist office in the same city.  Recently she asked why I continued to come to Dr. Bartlett when I could get FREE dental. I told her about all the state of the art equipment and technology Dr. Bartlett uses in his office.  She mentioned that they didn’t use half as much in fact they were just going from paper to computers in the office.  I said why would I go to a witch doctor full of guess work when I could go to a dentist who embraced technology.  There is no comparison.
David Robertson.


My experience always has been very pleasant.  The staff is very professional and caring.  Everyone truly enjoys their work which makes a difference.  Dr. Bartlett is a true professional with a great ability and sensitivity. 
Joe Cacciatore


If I lived on the moon, I would let my teeth rot before seeing any other dentist office. Your staff is always kind, super professional and attentive. Always an A+ experience! Thank you! 
Joe Knapik


Prior to coming if for a check up, I knew the service and treatment would be wonderful. But when I came in for my first appointment, it was better than expected. My experience at Dr. Bartlett’s office was friendly, courteous, informative and professional from beginning to end.  
Mike Handler


This was the most unbelievable experience I’ve had at a dentist. Besides a friendly staff, I feel the treatment was extensive! I would highly recommend to my friends and coworkers. I feel great!   
John P. Smith


From the first time I walked into Dream Smile Center I was impressed not only with the state-of-the-art facility but with the extremely professional and friendly staff. The entire experience at Dream Smile Center is more like a day at a spa than grueling nerve-wracking procedure. You are treated with sensitivity (and I need a lot of that due to prior experiences at dental facilities).

I was very apprehensive to get a “deep cleaning” although I knew it was necessary for my health. To my delight and surprise and contrary to all I’ve “hear” about the procedure, it was no more painful or uncomfortable than a routine cleaning. Thank you so much to Gloria and staff!        
Jennifer Sandomir